About Us

About us

About us

We are a small company based in South East Cornwall, selling a range of crystals in various forms, including some beautiful pieces of naturals, jewellery, carved angels, animals, obelisks etc.  We also make and sell a range of wooden wands, based on the traditional Celtic Calender and with honouring the trees the wood has been cut from (please see our Wooden wand page for further information  Wooden Wands ). In addition we also make some beautiful Smudge feathers/wands (Feather Smudge Wands)

We are very "touchy feely" when it comes to our crystals.  With very few exceptions, our crystals are personally handpicked by us directly from our suppliers. We personally feel and check the energies within our crystals, if they do not feel right for any reason, they do not come home with us.

We do NOT order directly with overseas suppliers (which would make our crystals cheaper) because this would then mean that we would be unable to pick and choose our crystals based on their energies.

Before being put up for sale our crystals are all cleansed (the method depends on the type of crystal). Periodically they are cleansed again while they are in our care and always before they go on to their new custodians.  Each crystal is accompanied by a small card with some information about the crystal and very often with a little leaflet giving tips about looking after the crystal and how to ask it to help with its particualr properties.


We do not just sell crystals, we live and breath them!!


In addition to selling crystals, Sheila is  trained in Reiki therapy Crystal / Reiki Therapy, Crystal therapy, Colour therapy Colour Therapy, and Hopi Ear Candle therapy Ear Candle Therapy. Sheila is also an animal communicator and therapist Animal Communication and Healing.

All these therapies are available for those living in the Plymouth and SE Cornwall area. 

As well as being a therapist, Sheila is also a Reiki and Crystal Therapy Teacher COURSES

Sheila works from the Treatment Barn which is based just outside the small village of St Mellion in Cornwall