Crystal Shapes

Crystal Shapes

Crystals come in many different shapes and forms, each of which add to the overall property of the crystal.

Wands: These help to focus the crystal’s energy; they can be used to direct healing.  Shaped wands can help to break old habits, and addictions; they can also help to join spirit and matter. Wands with points at each end are able to channel energy in two directions at once; they can radiate and absorb energy simultaneously.  Placed on the brow chakra, double terminated wands are believed to be able to enhance telepathy.   

Crystal points: these can be natural or deliberately shaped.  A natural crystal point has a definite faceted pointed end, with the other end “ragged” where it has been pulled from the cluster bed. Crystals with a single natural point help to focus energy into a beam and can direct the energy to a specific area; when pointed away from the body it can draw energy away. Long pointed crystals focus their energy in a straight line and are used extensively in healing.

Crystal Clusters: these have many points bedded into, but not necessarily fixed, into a base.  The individual crystals on the bed may big or small as can the clusters themselves.  They are believed to be able to radiate energy out into the surrounding environment at the same time absorb negative energy.   Clusters are especially useful for cleansing rooms, or other crystals, especially which cannot be cleansed by using one of the water methods of cleansing.  It is advised that those if you are using a cluster to cleanse your crystals, you leave your crystals sitting on the cluster overnight.  Clusters should still be programmed to do whatever cleansing and re-energising you wish them to do.

Geodes: these are the whole crystal “clumps”.  The crystals are contained within an outer wall which when opened is hollow with many crystals pointing inwards.  Geodes are believed to hold and also amplify their energy within themselves.  Because of their rounded, almost cave like shapes and the numerous terminations within them, they are able to diffuse their amplified energy which softens it without neutralising it thereby allowing the energy to flow out slowly or as required.  Geodes are very useful for protection and for aiding spiritual growth.  As with wands with double terminations, Geodes are considered as a useful tool for those who need to break addictions, or addictive behaviours or those with over indulgent behaviours.

Square shaped crystals: these can help to consolidate energy and are usually “man shaped” although some such as Fluorite can occur naturally.  Square crystals are believed to be useful for anchoring and grounding; they are also considered as having the ability to draw off negative energy and transforming it into positive energy.   

Eggs: these can help to detect and correct energy imbalances and are extremely collectable!  They are also very easy to hold during mediation.

Spheres: more commonly known as crystal balls.  Healing crystal spheres should not be mixed up with the clear crystal balls seen at fairs and circuses etc.  Spheres used for healing and/or spiritual connections are usually shaped from a larger piece of crystal and will often have planes or flaws (some will have lovely rainbows within them, especially a clear quartz sphere); where as the scrying crystals usually have a clear “glass” appearance.  Healing crystal spheres have the ability to emit the crystals natural energy all around in all directions.   

Tumblestones: these can be of varying sizes and are the result of natural (raw) crystal being “tumbled” until it has become smooth and polished.  A tumblestone will hold the same properties as a raw crystal, but will have the added smooth feel to it making “playing” and handling it much more comfortable and easier.