Why not visit us at

The Treatment Barn, 2 Briston Orchard, St Mellion, Cornwall, PL12 6RQ                                 Link to The Treatment Barn Facebook Page

From this link you have the option to book an appointment on line.

Home visits maybe available in the Plymouth - Liskeard area, including Callington.

We are trained in:
  • Crystal therapy,
  • Reik therapyi,
  • Colour therapy
  • Ear Candling therapy
  • Animal Communication and Healing


The Ear Candling, Crystal,  Reiki and Colour sessions are available at The Treatment Barn; Animal Communication and Healing sessions may also be available at here, depending on the type of animal you wish to communicate with, however they can also be via photograghs of your pet.

Please note that while we are confident as to the effects of these therapies, we cannot give any guarantees that they will work for all people all of the time.  

In addition we ask that you continue with any medication or treatment as advocated by your medical doctors, but do discuss the use of any of these complimentary therapies with them.

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Ear Candle Therapy - 1 session

Product no.: HOPI-EAR-1

£20.00 *

Ear Candle Therapy - 5 Sessions

Product no.: HOPI-CANDLES-6

£85.00 *

Animal Communication and Healing


£25.00 *

Crystal / Reiki Therapy

Crystal / Reiki Therapy

Crystal and Reiki Therapy is usually given in combination, but can be single therapy if you prefer.

Ear Candle Therapy

Ear Candle Therapy

Ear Candle Therapy (Thermal Auricular Therapy)

Animal Communication and Healing

Animal Communication and Healing

Animal Communication and Healing sessions can be conducted at your home, or The Treatment Barn, or via photographs