Ear Candle Therapy

Ear Candle Therapy

Ear Candle Therapy

EAR CANDLING is an ancient and natural therapy which has been handed down by many civilizations including (it is believed) the Ancient Greeks. However, it is believed that it was the North American Hopi Indians who  designed and gave name to the modern day form of candles, although there are conflicting views as to the accuracy of this information.

The treatment involves the client laying firstly on one side and a lit ear candle is gently placed into the opening of the ear.  As the candle burns down, the client will hear a certain amount of "crackling" as the candle begins to draw out the excess wax and  impurities by bringing them to the surface of the ear from where they can be gently removed.  When the candle has finished in the first ear, the client will turn over for the second candle to gently be placed into the second ear.  When the second candle has burnt down and gently removed, the client will lie on her/his back and receive either a gentle facial massage or short Reiki session (about 10 minutes).  Some wax will be removed from each ear with the withdrawal of each of the candles, but more wax could work its way out of the ears 24 to 48 hours afterwards.

Ear Candle Therapy (also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy) can be used to help with:

*Cleaning out excessive or compacted wax in the ear

*Promoting lymphatic circulation

*Improving the immune system


*Easing allergic conditions such as hayfever and other similar responses

*Relieving ear pain


*Noises in the ear, ringing, tinnitus


*Easing chronic sinusitis, hearing problems (especially when associated with age or excess wax), taste and smell problems

*Vertigo, Menieres Disease, Swimmers ear, glue ear 

The session will last approximately 30 to 40 minutes, during which time you will receive candling to both ears followed by either a mini facial massage or Reiki therapy.



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Ear Candle Therapy - 1 session

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Ear Candle Therapy - 5 Sessions

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