Birch Wand

Birch Wand

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This Birch wand has been lovingly created and tended to.  It was harvested on 12th January 2017 on its Full Moon and now carries the Om sign for Birch and the white associated with birch. This lovely wand is approx. 35 cm long with the handle being approx. 11 cm.

The Birch Wand (Betulaceae) 

The Lady of the Woods

Date harvested: 12th January 2017 – Full Moon: Bodmin Moor area.

Harvest method – Ritual with offering

Tree Calendar Period – 1st month of the Celtic Tree calendar which is December 24th to January 20th (Beth-Luis-Nion)

First consonant of the Ogham alphabet BETH - B

Birch Associations:

Colour – White

Element – Air and Water

Crystal – Clear Quartz

Planets – Venus

Birds –  Eagle and Pheasant

Birch Properties:

New beginnings – fertility and birth


Renewal & purification

Warding off evil

Banish fears

The Birch fairy is “the lady of the woods” who is believed to be able to open the portals to the subtle realms.  This fairy aids clearing of the mind, helping one to release the stresses within and have the confidence to find a way to cope. 

This wand has been “treated” with beeswax polish following its de-barking and sanding; it also has the following herbs inserted into the handle.

Mugwort – For strength, protection and cleansing

Vervain – for Protection and purification

Yarrow – for clearing negativity and easing fears 

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