Blue Goldstone Free Form

Blue Goldstone Free Form



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This lovely sparkly Blue Goldstone Free Form piece weighs approx. 64 gm and measures approx.  4.5 x 3 x 4 cm. Despite its shape, it is still very tactile and would be great to hold during meditation and times of needing some peace and grounding.

Blue Goldstone

Chakra: Throat.

Blue goldstone is a man-made stone; it is a type of glass infused with copper sparkles but is still classed as having healing properties.

It is a good choice helping with self composure, aiding the transformation of thoughts from one person to another, stabilising emotions, helping to remove or repel unwanted entities from your environment. It is also good for easing low moods and anxious times.  It is believed to be a stone of wisdom and ambition; it teaches us that no matter what happens there will always be light in the darkness and encourages optimism, opening us up to new opportunities making it good for anyone in business.

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