Blue Quartz Palmstone

Blue Quartz Palmstone



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This lovely Blue Quartz Palmstone measures approx. 7 by 5 cm and weighs approx. 55 gm.

Blue Quartz

Zodiac Signs: Libra, Taurus

Chakra: Brow, Throat 

Blue quartz is a combination of clear quartz and other minerals, such as tourmaline, dumortierite, or riebeckite and as such would contain the   properties of these minerals. In addition, Blue Quartz is thought help to cleanse the aura, clear energy blockages; it also helps with spiritual and psychic development, dream interpretation and recall. It is also considered as a soothing, calming crystal which may also be helpful during those times when diplomacy is required; in addition, it is thought to help with organisational skills, self-discipline and general communication skills. Blue Quartz may also aid one to see, accept and respond to a difficult situation in an effective and confident manner. 

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