Celestobarite Pyramid

Celestobarite Pyramid



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This lovely Celestobarite Pyramid is approximately 4.5 by 4 cm and weighs approx. 119 gm.

The Celestobarite used in this pyramid comes from Bristol UK.


Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus, Crown

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Celestobarite is a combination stone containing barium & strontium sulphates, combining & carrying the energies of Celestite & Barites. Celestobarite may help with spiritual connection & development. With a strong shielding energy, this is an excellent journeying stone which holds you suspended between the base & crown chakras, it also acts as a guardian while you are in the Shamanic middle world & helps to create a shamanic anchor. It may help you to see both sides of an issue bringing you clarity, but it leaves the ultimate decision up to you as to what to do or believe. If you feel an answer or insight is out of reach, this stone will bring the answer to the surface which has probably been staring you in the face all along!! It also helps to remind us that even in darker times, nothing stays the same and teaches to laugh at ourselves & the irrational states we sometimes find ourselves in.   

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