Diamantina Clear Quartz Cluster - 155 gm.

Diamantina Clear Quartz Cluster - 155 gm.



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This beautiful Clear Quartz cluster comes from the Diamantina mines in Brazil.  The points are sitting on and in the quartz bed, almost but not completely the bed rock it has gone on. This piece measures approx. 5 x 5 x 7 cm and weighs approx. 155 gm.

In addition to the properties usually associated with Clear Quartz, listed below, Diamantina Quartz is thought to help with releasing fear, discovering one's life purpose, dissolving negative energy coming from unwanted behaviours, e.g. low self esteem, self-hating, lack of self-belief and confidence while promoting an awareness of the powers of crystals and speeding up general healing.  
It is thought that these crystals contain Lemurian Healing energy and that they MAY have been used in both Atlantis and Lemuria.

Clear Quartz

Zodiac signs: All signs

Anniversary Years: 3, 10 and 15

Chakras: All Chakras

Clear quartz is known as the Master Healer and can be used for any condition, although it is believed to be a good aid to concentration and decision making so would make a helpful study aid. Clear Quartz acts as a spiritual energy amplifier raising and strengthening your spiritual connection and attuning you to your spiritual purpose. It is therefore also a good crystal for holding during meditation.

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