Golden Healer Pebble 50gm

Golden Healer Pebble 50gm



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This lovely little Golden Healer Quartz pebble/palmstone weighs approximately 50 gm and is approx. 5.5 by 3.5 cm.

Golden Healer Quartz

Zodiac Signs: All

Chakras: Third Eye, Crown, Solar Plexus, clears All Chakras 

The Golden Healer Quartz (which carries all the generic properties of Clear Quartz) is considered as one of the “Master Healers” with its powerful  healing abilities; it is believed to work by encouraging the golden light of Universal Life Force Energy to flow into and through the body via the Crown Chakra clearing any blockages and imbalances, and enhancing other  energy healing especially when placed under a therapy table!  Its high vibrational energy is powerful, yet gentle and soothing. The Golden Healer is also believed to aid spiritual connections and communication.


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