Green Opal Heart

Green Opal Heart



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This is a lovely Green Opal heart which measures approximately 5 x 6 cm and weighs in at approx.76 gm.

Please note that although very tactile this heart is not completely smoothed, there are a couple of small areas on both sides that have slightly rougher bits.

Green Opal

Chakra: Heart                                                                                                      

Green Opal is a mixture of Opal and nontronite; it is known as a stone of change. It helps with spiritual development by helping one listen to one’s angels, bringing them closer and finding own way to communicate with them. It is good for automatic handwriting; it is also a useful aid for talking to animals, pets or wild animals here and in spirit and helps one ease into deep states of meditation. It aids relationships on all levels; it helps one to express oneself openly and clearly, giving the confidence to express one’s true feelings. ease pain and trauma from the past, it may help with releasing fear. relieve stress. Green Opal is a gentle and lovely stone bringing in support on many levels and especially so for those who are grieving.  It aids prosperity and manifestation.

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