Hawthorn Wand

Hawthorn Wand

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This lovely, lovingly hand crafted Hawthorn wand measures approx. 35 cm from its tip to the end of the handle and carries the Om sign for Hawthorn as well as the blue which is the colour associated with this wood.

The Hawthorn  Wand (Crataegus oxyacantha)

Date harvested: 18th May 2015 (New Moon - cut in bloom), Bodmin Moor area

Harvest method – Ritual with offering

Tree Calendar Period – 6th month of the Celtic Tree calendar which is 13th May to 9th June (Beth-Luis-Nion)

Sixth Consonant of the Ogham alphabet,  Huathe H.

The Ogham symbol in Celtic reiki and represents the energy of cleansing and preparation.

Hawthorn Associations:

Colour – Midnight Blue and purple

Element – none associated

Planets – Mars and Venus

Birds –  Blackbird and Owl

Crystal – Lapis lazuli and Blue Calcite

Hawthorn Properties:

Purification – cleanses heart of negativity

Protection from negativity

Love & sacred marriage

Health and happiness



The hawthorn fairy brings access to the “Otherworld” whilst protecting the unwary.  Patience is needed with this fairy as she can bring enchantment, growth and fertility to all areas of one’s life; she also offers cleansing, fulfilment and guardianship.  Keeping grounded and practical is considered as the best way to access her and her gifts.

Hawthorn wand is imbued with power and very useful when working with sun magic.

This wand has been “treated” with beeswax polish following debarking and sanding; it also has the following herbs inserted into the handle.

Mugwort – For strength, protection and cleansing  

Vervain – for Protection and purification

Yarrow – for clearing negativity and easing fears     

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