Hazel Wand

Hazel Wand

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This lovely Hazel Wand is approximately 35 cm long and was cut on the 9th August 2017 (Hazel Full Moon). This wand has a combination of protection and cleansing herbs in its handle.

The Hazel Wand (Corylus)

The Tree of Knowledge

Date harvested: 9th August 2017 (Hazel Full Moon) Bodmin Moor area

Harvest method – Ritual with offering

Tree Calendar Period – 9th month of the Celtic Tree calendar which is August 5th to September 1st (Beth-Luis-Nion)

The ninth consonant of the Ogham alphabet, Coll - C


Hazel Associations:

   Colour – Orange

   Element – Air

   Planets – Mercury, the Sun

   Birds –  Crane

  Crystal – Topaz and pearl

  Deity – Hermes, Aemgus, Artemis, Diana

  Class – Chieftain

  Gender – Masculine 


Hazel Properties:

  Wisdom and creativity

  Psychic development and manifestation

  Healing and fertility

  Enchantment and marriage



Wands cut on the Hazel full moon, are powerful in the white magics and healing.

The hazel fairy tends to be a fickle one, but is also very wise and is a “bringer” of insight and inspiration; she can help you find knowledge and to develop your intuition.  The hazel fairy can also teach dowsing and how to use the current with the land (the ley lines); in addition she encourages meditation and awards clarity on those who respect and honour her.

This wand has been “treated” with beeswax polish following its de-barking and sanding process; it also has the following herbs inserted into the handle.

Mugwort – For strength, protection and cleansing  

Vervain – for Protection and purification

Yarrow – for clearing negativity and easing fears

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