Lilac Wand

Lilac Wand

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This lovely Lilac Wand was harvested on 24th September 2014.  It is approximately 35 cm in length.  Although not part of the Celtic calendar, and therefore unusual for us, the Lilac is very useful for many things, especially when dealing with negative energies!

The Lilac Wand (Syringa Vulgaris)

Date harvested: 24th September 2014: Bodmin Moor area.

Harvest method – Ritual with offering

Lilac Associations:

  • Element – Air
  • Planets – Mercury
  • Zodiac sign - Gemini,
  • Vernal (Spring) Equinox

Lilac Properties:

  • Protection
  • Past life exploration
  • Intellectual enhancement
  • Creation of harmony
  • Illusion
  • Cultivation &creative enhancement

Magical traditions relating to Lilac vary between places within the UK.  Some believe that lilac is a romantic tree, bringing playful flirtations, blossoming new loves and short attractions. Tends not to bring long lasting or marriage proposals but good to use in spell work when looking for a light or summer romance!  Other parts of the country would not entertain the idea of bringing lilac into the home for fear of it bringing with it bad luck and mis-fortune.

The lilac is associated with banishing and getting rid of negative energies and when planted around your property will protect from those who may wish you harm!

This wand has been “treated” with beeswax polish following its de-barking and sanding; it also has the following herbs inserted into the handle.

  • Mugwort – For strength, protection and cleansing
  • Vervain – for Protection and purification
  • Yarrow – for clearing negativity and easing fears
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