Merlinite Pebble - 93 gm

Merlinite Pebble - 93 gm



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This lovely polished Merlinite Pebble weigh approx. 93 gm and measures approximately 5 x 4 cm at the widest parts, making perfect for holding or "playing with" during worrisome times. This pebble has not been highly polished but is never the less, very tactile.


Zodiac: Gemini

Chakras: Past life, heart

Merlinite is a good choice for developing intuition, balancing the yin and yang energies and past life healing encouraging peace and harmony in this lifetime; it is a popular choice amongst shamans and magicians.  It is a good stone for journeying, both physical and meditative; Merlinite promotes self love, self belief and self forgiveness. 

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