Mookite Free Form

Mookite Free Form



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This lovely little Mookite Free Form is approximately 6 x 4 cm and weighs approx. 124 gm. It is not highly polished but still very tactile and would be right for holding during meditation sessions or during times when a little help is needed.


Also known as Mookaite and Australian Jasper

Mookite is a very calming and grounding crystal; it is considered good for easing periods of low mood and building self esteem; it is a good choice to use in negative situations, soothing erratic behaviour and promoting optimism, removing fear of the future. Mookaite assists with decision making, guiding the user to the answer that is best for them at that time. It is good for those who are alone or feeling lonely and helps those who are kind to all except themselves, become kind to themselves. It helps one to find employment, as well as enhancing excitement and happiness in the work setting. It can help you accept change as it occurs. It helps one to be more sociable, encouraging new perception and communication skills. 



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