Mother of Pearl Chip Bracelet

Mother of Pearl Chip Bracelet

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This lovely little bracelet has been made using small chips of Mother of Pearl which have been threaded onto an elasticated cord. This bracelet should fit most sized wrists.

Mother of Pearl
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Mother of Pearl comes from the inner lining of the abalone and Pearl Oyster shells (where pearls can begin their growth), both of which provide great Mother of Pearl. They all share the same basic metaphysical properties, which include psychic and spiritual development, cleansing – environment especially, (was used by some Native Northwest American Indians for this, hence the continued use when smudging), protection from negativity, transmuting negative into positive energy.  It is considered to be protective in general, but especially so for children (it was placed on the tummies of new born babies to aid protection over the coming years); attracting prosperity.  


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