Ocean Jasper Pendulum

Ocean Jasper Pendulum



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This lovely little Ocean Jasper pendulum is approximately 3.5 cm long with the silver plate chain being approx. 24 cm. (not including the ring at the top). It is not highly polished or 100% smoothed, but carries the usual gentle energy of this mineral.

Ocean Jasper

Chakras: solar plexus, heart and throat

Ocean Jasper (also called Orbicular Jasper) is an unusual jasper found only at a remote location on the coast of Madagascar that can only be mined at low tide! The colours vary widely - including white, green, pink, red, black, blue. The wild polka dots, wavy lines, multi coloured floret patterns of Ocean Jasper make this a gorgeous and exciting stone. The positive vibrations of Ocean Jasper make it a stone of joy; it increases expression of love in words and actions, gently brings into focus the positive aspects of one's life lifting negativity so one can fully appreciate blessings, brings relaxation and cooperation to the home or workplace 

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