Pink Howlite Palmstone

Pink Howlite Palmstone



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This brightly but gentle coloured (dyed) Pink Howlite Palmstone measures approximately 6.5 by 5 cm and weighs approx. 58 gm. It is very tactile making it just right for holding meditation and during some of those difficult times.

Pink Howlite

Chakra: Heart

In addition to the properties of White Howlite, Pink Howlite which is dyed White Howlite, is thought to help with talking about emotions and feelings whilst easing of the emotional pain associated with them. It may also aid a more restful and peaceful sleep. White Howlite is a considered as a good choice for absorbing anger, relieving stress, anxiety and nervous tension; it is thought to teach us to be patient and is good to hold during meditation.  It is also believed to be useful for stimulating memory; it is said to help one achieve one's goals promoting optimism for the future and helps to develop a positive attitude to life.


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