Preseli Bluestone Thumbstone

Preseli Bluestone Thumbstone



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This lovely little Preseli Bluestone Thumbstone measures approximately 4 cm by 3 cm at the widest parts. 

Preseli Bluestone

Zodiac Sign: None

Chakra: Throat, Solar Plexus

Preseli Bluestone has a powerful ancient vibration which will enhance spiritual and psychic development including dowsing and geomancy; when used in meditation (sit facing the east if possible) may aid past life travelling especially in ancient Celtic Britain and Egypt. It will help with making a deeper earth connection and for grounding. It stimulates the willpower as well as self esteem and inspires courage. Keeping a piece in the hand may help to discover when untruths are being expressed or hidden meanings behind such words! It can both calm and energise depending upon current needs.

This stone should only be used for personal development, it is not advised for people with heart conditions such as tachycardia or having pacemaker unless with extreme caution by an experienced therapist.                   

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