Blue Scheelite Pebble

Blue Scheelite Pebble



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These beautiful little Blue Scheelite pebbles measure approximately 2,5 by 2.5 cm and weigh approx. 25 gm making them lovely to hold during meditation sessions.

Blue Scheelite (AKA Scheelite Lace, Lapis Lace Onyx)                                                                                                                      

Chakra: Brow, Crown, Throat

Zodiac Sign: None

Blue Scheelite is a fairly new crystal with a combination of Scheelite and Calcite and their associated properties. The cleansing energy of this crystal is believed to give clarity and insight as to what is needed for this lifetime, removing/releasing old negative patterns bringing in a more positive outlook and helping to move forward. It helps to bring a feeling of peace, calmness and well being as well as a sense of “goodness”, which may also help to remove some creativity blocks. It helps to balance and align all the chakras; aids spiritual communication, connection and grounding together. It may help calm fears, anxious times, panicky feelings, times of uncertainty. 


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