Shungite Tear Drop Pendant

Shungite Tear Drop Pendant



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This lovely Shungite "tear drop" shaped pendant is approx. 1.5 by 0.75 cm and weighs approx. 3 gm. It is wrapped in silver plate and comes with a silver plate chain (18 inches approx.)


Zodiac Sign: none

Chakras: root, earth star

Shungite is believed to be about 2 billion years old; origin not fully understood, but believed to be either the result of an asteroid hitting earth or the breakdown of microscopic organisms in ancient oceans forming part of the seabed which were changed when land forms changed. It is a good choice for spiritual and psychic development offering psychic protection by infusing the aura with light and “allowing” only beautiful positive and beneficial energy in. It is a strong stone for grounding. Containing fullerenes (powerful anti-oxidants) Shungite has been used since 1700’s to purify water and to act as a natural antioxidant increasing immunity to many serious illnesses and allergic diseases, including skin related issues. Believed to be a powerful aid to protect against electro-magnetic radiation, Shungite is also an excellent aid to cleaning up the environment absorbing negative energy but it does need regular cleansing and re-energising. 

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