Willow Wand

Willow Wand

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This lovely Willow Wand measures approx. 31 cm in length.  It was harvested on 26th April 2017 which was the New Moon associated with Willow.  This wand has had a Moonstone piece inserted just above the handle - Moonstone is closely associated with the Willow and together they make the perfect team for aiding those who work with the Moon Magic.

The Willow Wand (Salix Alba)

(The Tree of Enchantment, The Tree of Witcheries)

Date harvested: 26th April 2017 (Willow New Moon); Bodmin Moor area

Harvest method – Ritual with offering

Tree Calendar Period – 5th month of the Celtic Tree calendar which is April 15th to May 12th   (Beth-Luis-Nion)

The fifth consonant of the Ogham alphabet (Saille S)


Willow Associations                                                       

 Colour - Silver                                   

 Element - Water                                  

 Planet - Moon                                                  

 Birds - Hawk, Snowy Owl                                          

 Sabbat - Beltane                                              

 Gender - Feminine                                            

 Stone - Moonstone                       

Willow Properties           

Fertility Love

Peace    Harmony


Protection           Healing

Friendship           Joy


The Willow Fairy can be grumpy, tricky and not always kind! However, has an enormous amount of wisdom and for those who treat her with respect can also be a great teacher to those who are willing to be still and listen carefully.

The elemental tree of the Moon and hence used in ceremonies connected with the Moon and Lunar magic.

This wand has been “treated” with beeswax polish following debarking and sanding; it has had the following herbs inserted into the handle:

*    Mugwort – for strength, protection and cleansing

*    Vervain – for protection and purification

*    Yarrow – for clearing negativity and easing fears

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