Yellow Calcite & Onyx Piece 283 gm

Yellow Calcite & Onyx Piece 283 gm



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Delivery weight: 283 g

This is an unusual piece of Yellow Calcite and Onyx; it weighs approx. 283 gm and is approx. 14 x 5 cm. Because calcite is quite fragile, it has been acid bathed to offer greater protection and as a result is very tactile.

Yellow Calcite

Zodiac Sign: Cancer 

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Calcite is for meditation and increasing psychic abilities; it assists with channelling, intuitive awareness, shamanic work and astral travel during meditation.  It is helpful for those stressful times, anxious periods and emotional trauma; it may help to improve memory and concentration, stimulating the intellect, helping to organize thoughts and information, thereby increasing sense of self-worth. 


Zodiac sign: Libra

Chakra: Root, Solar Plexus, Brow

Whether heated treated or natural, Onyx is considered as a greatly protective crystal with a certain amount of grounding, although not as much as Black Onyx. It helps to restore your faith in people who may have given you cause to mistrust them; it  encourages perseverance and will power especially when doing something that may be boring or challenging,    bringing help with paying attention to detail, focusing. It is also considered as helping with self-control, self-confidence and self-power, bringing inner strength with a calming influence. This calming influence also extends to nervousness, anxiety and hot tempers; brings reasoning into passionate situations!!!!


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